New programs are starting April 1, 2019 so be sure to come visit the centre soon!

We support urban Aboriginal people across Mt. Waddington.

Learn about our services for children, youth and families.


Who we are as a society


Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre has operated in Mt. Waddington since 2001. The centre has 13 staff, who offer 6 programs for children, youth, parents, caregivers and Elders. Learn more about programs and services offered at Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre. We have 16 groups that attend a variety of programs at he centre.

Last year, the centre received 1,012 points of contact with clients and on average around 80-100 people attend culture night every Wednesday. Many programs have roughly 35 people attending each week.

Do you have questions about any programs or staff? Please reach out to our reception at or at (250) 902-0552.

Community Partners & Funders

We would like to acknowledge and thank a number of our partners and funders.

  • B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres;
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development;
  • The Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Education and Training Association;
  • B.C. Language Initiative;
  • Community Action Initiative;
  • First Citizens Fund;
  • Boys and Girls Club of Canada;
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority.


What's new

B.C. Language Initiative is hosting a Language Camp, which is happening this week at Cluxewe Resort. Call Jenny Child for more information at 250-902-0552.

New programs are starting in April 2019, which include the new Poverty Law Advocate and the Aboriginal Family Support Worker. For more information call the front desk.

The centre will be remodeling the kitchen and will provide renting space for weekend events in the future. The bus is currently available for rent, too. For events around the community or in the centre the youth offers catering.

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