Bridges Program


Children want to connect with families, culture and communities.

In addition to the priorities set out by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Bridges Worker reaches out to communities, attending community events and helping coordinate kids' activities to include culture.

Attending cultural activities is a great way to get to know everyone and provide opportunities to the children as a follow-up to requests made by guardianship workers. The program will work with the ministry to reconnect children with their families and community.

During the planning meeting, those involved in the program have listed a number of activities that they may want to participate in for the future, these include:

  • Singing and dancing,
  • Lahal,
  • Blanket-making,
  • Legend-telling,
  • Drum-making,
  • Ced Bark-use,
  • Crafts like dream catchers,
  • Artwork, carving and painting,
  • Learning language, basics for children,
  • Tracing geneology,
  • Learning cultural protocol (Maya'xala),
  • Teaching children of the structure of potlatches and ceremonies,
  • Harvesting and cooking traditional foods,
  • and, learning about the different societies within the culture.

Right now, the program will focus on:

Genograms, family finding, cultural planning, inclusion of children in cultural events, family visits during cultural events, and connecting children with mentors.