Partners & Funders

B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres


The Friendship Centre movement is  built on community support, trust, strong leadership, tradition and  faith and is mandated to improve the quality of life for Indigenous  people throughout Canada.

BCAAFC is the umbrella  association for 25 Friendship Centres throughout the Province of British  Columbia. Friendship Centres provide services to  Indigenous people living in urban settings.

Ministry of Children and Family Development


 The Ministry of Children and Family Development of British  Columbia, Canada is the child protection service across the province and  is provided through 429 ministry offices in 5 regions and a number of  delegated Aboriginal agencies. 

Nechako Aboriginal Education & Training


  Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Association serves the First Nations and Urban Aboriginal community in the north  central interior of British Columbia. Our service philosophy is centered  on value added programs and services to achieve the highest standard  with customer rapport, product leadership and operational excellence. 

B.C. Language Initiative


 The B.C. Language Initiative Program (BCLI) supports projects to  revitalize British Columbia First Nations languages through  documentation, immersion programs, materials and curriculum  development, traditional and cultural programming, and community  collaboration.

Community Action Initiative


 The Community Action Initiative provides grant and training  opportunities for community-based organizations across BC to develop and  deliver innovative projects that respond to the needs of individuals  and families experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges. 

First Citizens Fund


 The First Citizens Fund is a perpetual fund created in 1969. It supports  cultural, educational and economic development programs for Indigenous  people, communities and businesses in B.C., and it helps fund Indigenous  organizations offering services in these areas.