Poverty Law Advocacy Program


We're here to assist you

If you're having issues with income assistance applications, such as regular income assistance, persons with disabilities, or persons with persistent multiple barriers, at the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, then our program may be able to assist you along the way. Whether it's a denial on your recent application, or requesting a reconsideration of the denial, we're able to provide information and guidance on the process. There are a number of benefits and supplements that are available through the ministry, for example.

We're also able to assist in Canada Pension Plan (and Canada Pension Plan Disability) applications as well. If we're not able to assist you, then we can refer you to a service provider that can do so or provide you with information and guidance on where you can look for assistance on your matter.

We can provide you with information on your rights as a tenant, how you can resolve any tenancy issue you may have with your landlord, such as needing repairs, receiving an eviction notice, receiving your security deposit back, or any other issue you may be having with the landlord. If it is necessary, you can choose to go to what is called a residential tenancy dispute resolution hearing to resolve the matter before an arbitrator. The advocate will guide and assist you along the whole process.

What we can assist you with:

- Income Assistance applications (regular, PWD, PPMB), denials, reconsideration and tribunals;

- Residential Tenancy/Housing Issues (evictions, requesting repairs to unit, going to a dispute resolution/tribunal, or any other issue that may be considered a residential tenancy matter); and

- CPP and CPP-D applications, denials, reductions in monthly amounts, or appeals.

What we unfortunately cannot assist you with at this time, though we may provide information or referrals:

- Debt;

- EI;

- WCB;

- Family law (such as separations, divorce or issues involving the Ministry of Child and Family Development); or,

- Immigration/Refugee Issues.

We would like to thank the Law Foundation of British Columbia for making this program possible for our centre.

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