Youth Program

What are the youth up to?

The youth program is youth-led with a number of activities that empower them. Our goal is to work with the youth to create a program that suits their needs while also giving them opportunities to have their voices heard in a meaningful way.

During the Spring and Summer months the youth program will change its focus: we will be working with other staff to offer a new activity called Honour Your Health Challenge. Stay tuned for upcoming program announcements. We are also going to enjoy the outdoors this summer with many outdoor, off-site adventures. The program is looking for youth input into what kind of activities they're interested in during the summer.

We host a lot of workshops and activities for youth in the centre, some include:

  • Fish Camp,
  • Hikes around Marble River, Bear Falls,
  • Exploring Grant Bay and San Josef Bay,
  • Kayaking at Telegraph Cove,
  • Making pizza and picking berries,
  • Rights tour presentation,
  • Bake Off!,
  • Youth cooking,
  • Youth Council meetings,
  • Gathering Our Voices fundraising and planning,
  • Resume workshops,
  • Traditional Art Journals,
  • Pumpkin Patch Field Trip,
  • Girls' Group,
  • Apron Making (Regalia),
  • Paint Nights,
  • Documentary Film-making Workshops,
  • Traditional Food Cooking,
  • Tree Harvest and Bonfire,
  • Making Centre Pieces,
  • Christmas Crafts,
  • Girls' Group for Evolve Fitness,
  • Youth Drop-ins,
  • Partnership workshops with Eke Me-Xi (Drum-making).

Are you interested in a certain workshop or activity for youth? We are always looking to improve our program. Please let us know what we can do to help.